Corporate Appointment Setting


Imagine walking into your office on a Monday morning and finding ten new leads flowing into your inbox. What a way to start the week! Appointment Setting is not a new form of generating new leads. Rather than sitting waiting in the hope for a referral or waiting for the time to create meaningful relationships with a new professional connection, you can have leads generated and sent to you by targeting prospects directly.

Why use Corporate Appointment Setting?

Appointment Setting is a win-win for both the prospect and the adviser. A prospect is able to request information from you that they are looking for and you are given the opportunity to pitch your service proposition to someone who has given you permission to.

  • Corporate Appointment Setting allows firms to:
  • Determine pricing on a per lead basis
  • Select a target geographical area
  • Select a target company size
  • Control the number of leads you need to receive per month (this also assists with budgeting)

Is Appointment Setting for You?

If your diary is empty and you need more business opportunities then Appointment Setting may be for you. It’s both a quick way and long term strategy to increase the number of new leads and therefore increase the volume of new business.

How does it work?

Nectre have specialised in helping adviser firms set new corporate appointments for a number of years. Our skilled team will work closely with you to set up the campaign taking in to consideration the following…


There is no such thing as the perfect data set. Quality data is only achieved through regular contact and building insightful information.

When starting a Corporate Appointment Setting campaign we need you to consider:

  • Who do you want to speak to?
  • Where are they based?
  • How big is the firm?

This allows us to profile a unique data set of prospects.


The first stage is to build credibility:

  • Who are you?
  • What is it you do?
  • Why are you different?


A successful campaign needs to make use of different marketing collateral in order to generate the best quality of appointment. This includes:

  • Consistent message
  • Supporting email template
  • Structured confirmation process